Give your client personalised health advice based on DNA and life style

Why Health Potential?

1. Each person is unique

Each person is unique with his/her own genetic profile and lifestyle. The chance to develop any kind of chronic disease, therefore, varies greatly from one person to another. Thus, one general health advice does not fit everyone.

2. Rising awareness about disease prevention

The world’s population is aging. This longer life expectancy unfortunately leads to a rapid increase in the number of people suffering from diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer. Although the development of diseases is not completely in our control, medical research clearly shows that a poor life style is an important cause of many chronic diseases. Therefore, life style optimization has a major influence on lowering disease risks.

3. Emerging market for DNA-based life style advice

Whereas, a few years ago DNA information was considered ‘scary’, nowadays it is accepted as relevant information for disease prevention. More and more people actually have a positive attitude towards DNA analyses. Our market research shows that today over 80% thinks that genetic information is necessary to prevent diseases. There is an increasing demand for DNA-based life style advice.

4. DNA and life style, the key to personalised counselling

Genetics play an essential role in the development of many diseases. However, besides genes also life style and environment are key contributors. Therefore, personalised health counselling is optimal when all these factors are taken into account. Health Potential provides the solution. We analyse disease risks by combining DNA, life style and environmental factors.

5. Increase your competitiveness

In today’s health and wellness market in which the number of health counsellors is growing fast, it is increasingly important to keep ahead of your competitors. Simple health advice based on general guidelines will no longer be sufficient. If you want to differentiate yourself from other health counsellors, then a unique and superior service is a must! Health counsellors with high-end clients are now choosing for Health Potential.

How does it work?

Your client collects a small sample of saliva and completes a life style questionnaire
Medical scientists determine your client’s risk of 25 common diseases
You receive a report including a comprehensive and evidence-based disease risk profile
This disease risk profile will be translated into a personalised life style advice

How can I use it?

The Health Potential service can be used by professional health counsellors such as dieticians, personal trainers, GPs, working at health or wellness centres. Our service is only available to use with clients above 18 years who wish for disease prevention and a longer, happier and healthier life .

By making use of the unrivalled personal service of Health Potential your lifestyle advice will be far ahead of your competitors. A more personalised service is simply not available in this market. Those who aspire to excellence in health will choose you! If you are the first in your region, then an exclusivity arrangement can be discussed.

To be able to offer the service you would need to be licensed and comply within the regulations of your jurisdiction. Please contact us for more information.


What are your benefits?

  • Increase your competitiveness by offering DNA-based health counselling
  • Offer your clients a realistic chance to live a longer, healthier and happier life
  • Distinguish yourself with an evidence-based approach
  • Low investment. You only pay us when your clients pay you*

* Except under exclusivity arrangements

About us

We all know that a healthy diet and a regular exercise programme are essential for health and the prevention of diseases. Each person is unique with his/her own genetic profile and lifestyle. The chance to develop any kind of chronic disease, therefore, varies greatly from one person to another. Thus, one general health advice does not fit everyone. Health Potential provides the solution.

Based on DNA and lifestyle, Health Potential will calculate for your client an individually tailored disease risk of the 25 most common chronic diseases and translate this into a personal lifestyle advice. With this advice you can help your client to make positive lifestyle changes in order to reduce their disease risks. This way, you will be able to offer a unique and superior health service, giving your clients the best chance to live a longer, healthier and happier life!

Health Potential BV is an initiative of epidemiologist and geneticist prof. Maurice Zeegers. It is a spin-off company of Maastricht University and part of (vat: 68418132).

What are your possibilities?

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